“Feel the authentic athmosphere of Yogyakarta Palace.”

NDALEM KANEMAN is the residence of GKR Anom Adibrata, an older sister of Sri Sultan HB X, the reigning king of Yogyakarta. Basically, this place has an extended history as a manor of Yogyakarta’s princes and princesses. This house is located inside Yogyakarta Palace fortress area, which is called Njeron Beteng.

Built in 1855 during the reign of Sri Sultan HB VI, this place was formerly inhabited by an exclusive personal assistant of Yogyakarta Palace’s prince. In 1924, restoration was conducted by KRT. Wiroguno, and this place was named nDalem Wirogunan. KRT. Purwodiningrat, KRT. Wiroguno’s son, resided in that house afterwards. He then married the 19th daughter of Sri Sultan HB VIII; therefore, the house was called nDalem Purwodiningratan.

In the end of 1988, the first daughter of Sri Sultan HB IX, GKR Anom, and her husband KPH. Adibrata, moved into the house that was still called Kagungan nDalem Purwodiningratan. Consequently, the name was adjusted into NDALEM KANEMAN, adapting the subsequent owner, GKR ANOM ADIBRATA.

The word “KANEMAN” comes from the word “ANOM”. Javanese has krama language as the softest and most polite level. An in krama language, anom is modified into “ANEM”, which literally means “young”.

Currently, NDALEM KANEMAN is inhabited by two sons of GKR ANOM ADIBRATA, those are RM. Aryo Santigi and RM. Bramanto Nurdewana. With authorization of Yogyakarta Palace, those two sons utilize this manor for culture preservation and tourism activities.

In nDalem Kaneman, you could savor classical performing arts in Yogyakarta approach, such as classical Ramayana dance and leather puppet performance. Besides, you could learn how to dance and membatik. Another interesting thing is you could witness various typical traditional ceremonies of Yogyakarta Palace, like traditional ceremony and royal wedding.

Traditional cuisine which is a royal cuisine of Yogyakarta Palace and kings’ favorite menus as well could be relished here. Those are served in the style of Yogyakarta Palace. All in all, everything served in NDALEM KANEMAN is definitely authentic to those served in Yogyakarta Palace.

Putri Ratu Anom gladly welcomes you to her residence, nDalem Kaneman.
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