Royal Wedding as a Tradition of Yogyakarta Palace

Many people long for a wedding ceremony with majestic royal touch. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for common people to experience any royal wedding like those experienced by royal princes and princesses.

Nevertheless, nDalem Kaneman alters those infeasibilities into possibility. Here, majestic atmosphere of typical wedding of Yogyakarta Palace could be experienced; ranging from the venue, series of events, offerings, ube rampe, make-up artist, dance, gamelan, to the detailed execution. Any people involved would feel the greatness of a complete royal wedding.

Royal wedding in nDalem Kaneman is begun with upacara majang, pasang tarub, siraman, midodareni, marriage ceremony, ngabekten, panggih, and wedding reception. Those series of events are main ceremony that would be done in nDalem Kaneman based on typical wedding of Yogyakarta Palace.