Have you ever seen batik fabric? The late Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa, was one of world leaders that admired batik.

Batik is a typical work of art of Indonesia which is made from a sheet of cloth with specific motive. The painting in the cloth is applied by inscribing wax onto the cloth with canthing. Any motive inscribed onto the cloth holds specific value. That is a special thing about Indonesia, always value anything.

There are several steps in membatik, which need quite some time. The process of membatik a piece of cloth sized 1 x 2.5 meter spends a month or two, depends on how complicated the motive is. After that, there are still some other steps to go, including coloring.

In nDalem Kaneman, you could learn how to membatik directly from the artist. Thereby, you are also preserving traditional culture and art of Yogyakarta.